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Summer 2016
Anarchist Magazine
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January 1971 Fifth Estate with a report on the Vietnam Veterans Against the War Detroit  hearing on U.S. war crimes in SE Asia. [click on cover] John Kerry attended. Cover price was 25 cents.


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Summer 2016
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Special 40th Anniversary Commemorative edition
104-pages of history, reprints and current affairs.
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Begun in 1965 as one of the first of the 500 so-called underground newspapers  and published continually in Detroit, and jointly in, New York, Wisconsin, and Tennessee, for readers across the world, the Fifth Estate is the longest publishing, English language, anti-authoritarian newspapers in American history.  Click on paper for story.

Although once a weekly tabloid, it now publishes three times a year.

SUBSCRIBE: Subscriptions are $14 domestic; $20 Canada and Mexico; $24 North America; $20 Libraries and Institution; government and police agencies $500

A history of the paper from Wikipedia,

SAMPLE ARTICLES here and below: (more at the Fifth Estate web site)

"An Anarchist in Cuba: Cell Phones or Socialism" - Written by Peter, this originally appeared in the Summer 2008 issue.

“The End of Money” – Daniel Pinchbeck, Summer 2008

Utah Phillip’s Last Interview – by Peter Werbe  interview in the Industrial Worker, P. 8,  Originally published in the Summer 2008 Fifth Estate

Solidarity, Immigration and Border Regimes Winter 2007

An Anarchist at the World Social Forum Spring 2006 written by Peter under the name, Walker Lane

The New McCarthyism  Fall 2005

Milosevic Crucified? Fall 2002

Revolution Against the Megamachine

Democracy in Iraq: Notes on a Greek tragedy Spring 2004

Death by Modern Art? Spring 2003

Emma Goldman for Sale Spring 1993

Fredy Perlman Obituary Summer 1985

Progress & Nuclear Power by Fredy Perlman April 1979

 More on the Guru's Assassins September 1973

 The Guru's Followers Strike December 1973 

The Fifth Estate was in the thick of the 1960s cultural scene as well as left politics. Check this link for a report of a concert by the legendary, seminal, Detroit rock band, the MC5, from the April 3, 1969 edition. Cover price was 15 cents.

And, this one from the 1969 Detroit Rock & Roll Revival which featured among almost 20 bands,  the MC5, Chuck Berry, Sun Ra, Dr. John, Johnny Winter, Iggy & the Stooges , and the Amboy Dukes with Ted Nugent. Check this link.