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"Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices."   --Voltaire


Interview Archives

Thumping in Public - 1997 Chumbawamba

Interview with George Mann of George & Julius --
  2002 [Click on "radio interviews"]

Hedwig & the Angry Inch
Inch by Inch ---- Miriam Shor

Interview with Fran Shor, author, Bush League Spectacles - Jan. 2006

pic 1
Jim McCarty - guitarist with Mitch Ryder & the Rockets

Speaking of the devil -
Walter Mosley

Putting it on screen - Bonnie Garvin's The Killing Yard

Peter's 1985 interview with  Frank Zappa [click] & [here]

Peter's 1991 interview with
Allen Ginsberg [click]

Peter's 1997 interview with Chumbawamba [click]

Peter's 1997 interview with transgender spokesperson Rikki Anne Wilchins [click]

Peter's 1998 interview about Detroit's Tiger Stadium [click]

Peter's 1999 interview with historian Howard Zinn [click]

Peter's 1999 interview with author Barbara Erhenreich [click]

Interview with Peter [click]

Richard Bak on Joe Louis [click]

Dan Baum on the Drug War [click]

Billy Bragg [click]

The Gannett Empire [click]

On Phil Ochs [click]

Gary Webb on the CIA & Drugs

William Julius Wilson on Poverty

Past articles on line

Read Detroit Metro Times article by Peter

Ill-suited art:
Phish sues

Rock and refusal:
Mumia, Beasties







Past  Featured Interviews

Alan Moore, creator of
f "V for Vendetta" on anarchism
[click on pic]

Noam Chomsky: 'There Is No War On Terror'


Eleanor Hall

US may collapse as a superpower:
Interview with Eleanor Hall


Six Questions for Tara McKelvey on Detainee Abuse

Cornell West
"What It Means to Be a Leftist in the 21st Century"

Greg Palast on New Orleans

Peter interviews ex-CIA agent, Ray McGovern

Planet of Slums     Mike Davis, author, Planet of Slums

Former US president Jimmy Carter: "I don't think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon."DER SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH JIMMY CARTER
"The US and Israel Stand Alone"

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski
U.S. Air Force, 1983-2003
about appearing in
"Why We Fight."


Power to the People: The Last John Lennon Interview
[clcik on pic]
"Imagine" -- One wonders how a song
with such radical lyrics could be so popular, unless more people than we realize imagine the same thing many of us do

Interview with Robert Greenwald, director of
"Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price"

Interview with Scott Ritter, former UN Iraq weapons inspector

Riverbend Is a Blogger, "Embedded" in the Real Baghdad

Interview with "Control Room" filmmakers

Interview with Army Medic, Patrick Resta

"I Will Continue to Speak Out Until the Last Soldier Leaves Iraq"

Michel Martin
Worse Than Watergate:
Interview with John Dean:
"Bush should be impeached."

House of Bush; House of Saud
Interview with author, Craig Unger, featured in
Michael Moore's, "F-9/11"


Video interview with
author Bill McKibben
More is Not the Answer
Corporatism, Consumerism, and Loathing

Check out Margaret Cho at the Dec. 2003 MoveOn.org Bush ad awards ceremony;
hilarious (but the conservatives are shocked at the language). CBS refused to play the winning ad during the Super Bowl.
Margaret Cho interview

Interview with Eric Alterman, author, The Book on Bush
















Noam Chomsky

Peter's essay on
looking back for the lessons of the double-0s.
4th story down

Drinking Bottled Water?
Check this interview

A Guided Tour of Class in America Interview with Barbara Ehrenreich

Bruce Springsteen in
Rolling Stone

Ex-Bob Dole aide says Bush ordered 9/11!

Interview with Bruce J. Miller,
co-author of
Take Them at Their Words: Startling, Amusing and Baffling Quotations from the G.O.P. and Their Friends, 1994-2004

Kurt Vonnegut vs.
the !&#*!